NuYouth - The New Powerful Anti-Aging Supplement

NuYouth - The New Powerful Anti-Aging Supplement

Published by Christine Lang on Apr 4th 2018

Understanding How to Reverse the Aging Process

I love creating supplements with formulas that are given to me by my healing guides because I learn so much in the process! Over the last 6 months I’ve learned so much about the aging process, and how we are largely unaware of the reasons that our bodies “deteriorate” as we get older.

For instance, scientists have been telling us for years that the inflammation in our body is a critical part of our “aging issues”. What my guides have taught me is that a large portion of this inflammation originates in our digestive tract, specifically the intestines. And that this inflammation occurs because our food is not properly broken down in the stomach before it reaches the intestines.As a culture we have tried to solve this by not eating foods that are difficult to digest: gluten, white flour, sugar, processed foods, etc. While many of these foods are nutritionally deficient and probably shouldn’t be eaten anyway, for most people the elimination diets aren’t fixing the problem.

Why did my body used to be able to handle digesting the awful food I ate as a kid (spaghetti-o’s from a can and Lucky Charms cereal for goodness sake!) and now it seems so fragile?

My healing guides have explained that when we experience stress our stomach secretes a substance that effectively paralyzes our digestive enzymes. Over time these enzymes cease to function, and we are left with a ‘delicate digestive system’ that doesn’t function properly. And inflammation is the result, as the intestines try to take on the job that the stomach was supposed to do in the first steps of breaking down food.

Another culprit in the aging process is how our DNA gets damaged each year from a multitude of factors. This damaged DNA replicates itself less and less perfectly, and as a result our cells “age”, functioning poorly and producing less energy.

The hero in this battle of the damaged DNA is Resveratrol, an all-natural substance that has the power to heal the damage in our DNA strands! It has been the focus of over 4,000 studies and has been featured twice on the show 60 Minutes.

I agreed to create an anti-aging supplement because the healing guides who have helped me heal thousands of clients as a medical intuitive have explained to me how the 3 types of ingredients in NuYouth can synergistically work to be the most powerful anti-aging product on the market.

For an in-depth explanation of our formula and why it’s so powerful, check out this video. In 7 minutes you can become an expert on anti-aging!

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