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NuVibration was formed with the goal of bringing energy-enhanced products to the public. Each of our supplements is infused with high vibrational energy that amplifies its affects in the body, along with providing additional healing benefits. It’s like getting a powerful energy treatment without leaving your house!



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Christine Lang has worked as a medical intuitive for over 18 years, helping clients all over the world. From executives to busy moms, celebrities to pro athletes, Christine helps each client understand how their bodies absorb stress and how physical symptoms can result. Christine can see energy in a person’s body, and she hears her spirit and other people’s spirits; “Each person’s spirit can give great insight about how a person’s life – and body – got to where it is today”. 

Christine’s first career was as an attorney, so perhaps that’s why she has always brought a healthy dose of skepticism to her work, seeking to make her readings practical as well as healing. So in 2016, when Christine was told by her guides in the spirit world that she would soon have the ability to channel high vibrational healing energy into supplements, she was doubtful. She pointed out to her guides that energy treatments aren’t used with supplements because energy treatments, when applied to people, only last for a few days. For this reason, it wasn’t practical to add energy to supplements, as the energy would dissipate before the person could take more than a few doses.

Christine was assured that this new frequency of energy she would channel would be different, and would remain active within supplements for 9 months! Only supplements with a particular molecular structure would be able to hold the energy for the extended period. Christine was asked to begin using this energy to enhance a supplement that her guides directed her to, and she began “testing it” on herself and 40 of her clients. To their delight the energy remained within the supplement and amplified its effect significantly. Her clients also noticed that they seemed to feel more ‘elevated’ throughout the day, as if they were vibrating higher and therefore having fewer negative & fearful thoughts.

Once Christine was convinced of the effectiveness of the new frequency of energy, her guides asked her to begin preparations to create a supplement company so that she could make such supplements available to the public. Once again Christine balked. (That attorney background can make a girl pretty strong-willed!). She was very happy with her private practice, and not particularly interested in embarking on such a large venture. But after witnessing the powerful results of the energetically enhanced supplement, she eventually agreed. And so NuVibration was born.

The fantastic results of numerous clients have validated her decision to follow her guides request!  Hear directly from our customers at the bottom of the product pages.



To learn more about Christine please visit her website christinelang.org or check out her book on Amazon!





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